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Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Year's Resolution

There are very few inspiring or funny news stories out there today. Must be the January blues, I suppose. For my part, I'm having a good day. I've stripped the house of most of the Christmas decorations, it's looking a little shocked now but it'll get over it, but more importantly, I've had a good writing day. That's especially gratifying as it's the third good writing day this week!
So, in light of the fact that I seem to have remembered how to tell a story at last, I shall start my new year with fresh resolve. My plan for the year begins with finishing my current story 'The Last Guardian' which will be my submission for the next book in Café Three-Zero's Tales from the Café series. Then I shall start designing a cover for Billy of Boldre Wood, the first in the children's adventure trilogy. Once I have a cover, I shall start preparing the book for marketing on Kindle.
Lucky Dip, my latest novel, is currently being looked at by a couple of agents. If they decide they aren't interested I shall probably abandon the traditional route with that too, and try it out on the Kindle market. I also need to write more short stories for my own anthology, to be released on Kindle, and I need to finish the third book of the Boldre Wood Trilogy.
I'm exhausted already! When's the next holiday?

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