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Thursday 26 January 2012

A Model World

I've always been fascinated by models. Not the nubile, scantily clad, tousle haired and pouting lip kind, you understand, they just make me feel inadequate. But a model railway, or a model village, or better yet, a model village with a model railway, are things of joy to me. I'm fascinated by the detail, the exactness of scale, the world in perfect miniature.
As a child I spent many happy hours playing with the toy farm Dad made, delighting in the white three bar fences, the hay loft cleverly constructed out of doweling and a squash bottle, and the yard with its thoughtfully carved ramps to allow for easy access for our tractors.
I also had a Matchbox racing car set. It was fun, but I always felt it lacked a certain realism without grass, pits, grandstands etc. Plastic track perched on the lounge carpet fell slightly short of my grand ideas.
Maybe it's as well this man wasn't in business back then, because I would have been desperate for one of his creations. Mind you, I would have had to remove my bed and everything else from my bedroom to make way for it, not forgetting that my parents would have probably balked at the price tag!
Now, I know it's a very long time until Christmas, but it's never too early to start working on that list, is it?

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