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Tuesday 24 January 2012

One Glimmer in the Gloom

It's a grey day, low wall-to-wall cloud, steady drizzle, a pervading chill with a steady breeze, because the wind wouldn't want to miss out on the action, would it? The news is demonstrating its usual capacity to outdo the weather in the gloom stakes; the national debt is higher than ever, despite reduced borrowing, there are more companies in administration discussions, drug offenders are avoiding jail and people on benefits are complaining that £26,000 wouldn't be enough to live on (I'd better not get started on that or I might break my own strict rules on the use of expletives in this blog).
And so it is that I'm very grateful to that certain rather special person for bringing to my attention the one funny story on offer. It concerns the troubling issue of Big Ben and his gathering tilt. There are two videos in the piece, the second one, halfway down the page is the one that put a smile on my face. Watch out for the final consultant at the end of the piece!

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