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Thursday 12 January 2012

Free Labour

James O'Brien (LBC) was on fine form this morning as he raised the issue of the unemployed geology graduate who has objected to being told to work, unpaid, in Poundland in order to continue claiming job seekers allowance. There have been some rather lurid and frankly misleading headlines about this young lady so allow me to point out that she had been working voluntarily in a museum, something that would have helped her in her future career far more than stacking shelves at Poundland.
Like Mr O'B, I cannot understand the rationale behind this. Not least because the companies signed up to this are all highly profitable, and surely don't need unpaid workers. This scheme could very well mean they will get rid of the staff they currently pay, in order to make way for those provided for them free of charge by the tax payer. There will be even less jobs on offer, and even more people unemployed.
Someone, somewhere, didn't think this through properly.

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