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Monday 23 January 2012

Vindication in the Software Issue!

My software issues were initially dealt with in much the manner I anticipated, in the form of a smug swagger as 'he who fixes the computer' announced he had undertaken all the tasks I mentioned without difficulty.
However, after I pointed out the procedures I had been attempting were rather more complex, the smug grin was rapidly replaced with a puzzled frown and the swagger became a hasty trot back to the computer. It soon emerged that the software isn't capable of doing some of the things I need, and that some of the functions on offer are less than they ought to be.
The video fibbed, but at least I'm not as incompetent as I feared!


  1. Was there much muttering? I can imagine muttering helped quite a lot :D

  2. There was a degree of muttering, and frantic tapping on the keyboard, not to mention frenzied clicking of the mouse. None of which forced the software to do what was required, so it's back to the drawing board!