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Friday, 13 January 2012

Are You Sure You Packed Everything?

Whenever I check out of a hotel room I become rather obsessive about checking the drawers and cupboards to ensure I've left nothing behind. Judging from the list of items added to Travelodge's Lost Property, some people take a rather more cavalier approach to vacating their room. Among the list of items found by their staff were, bizarrely, an 18 month old child, a Santa's Grotto, a hamster and a Mr Blobby costume. Well, I can forgive the last, but forgetting your child does surely suggest a rather too relaxed attitude.
I have a mental image of a bemused baby sitting on the shelf in the Lost Property office, surrounded by hoards of teddy bears, abandoned pets and assorted jewellery. Thinking about it, he probably had the time of his life!

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