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Monday 2 July 2012

Sheds with a Difference

On the growing list of jobs on the 'To-do-List' at the moment lurks the promise of a new shed to replace the crumbling relic currently clinging shame-facedly to the side of the house. Plans are in place, with help from the wise one, and a list of components has been drafted. All that remains is the doing ... or maybe not. Maybe we ought to slow down, reconsider, think a little more creatively. Truly, our plans look decidedly staid and sober compared to some of the high ranking entries in this years Shed of the Year competition.
For a quick glance at the most popular, see the Telegraph's gallery:
If you want to see more, the full bewildering array of entries is available here:
I'd like a pub shed (this is a dry village), a quaint little summer house (along with a summer please), definitely a tree house (always wanted a tree house!) but certainly not a tardis, partly because there seem to be far too many of them and partly because when I exit my shed I'd like to be sure I was stepping back into the same garden I left.
Now, where did I leave that drawing board?

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