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Thursday 26 July 2012

And Here's Another Epic Journey

A Chinese farmer, moved by the Olympic Games of 2008, decided to travel to the next games, here in London by the only means available to him: his rickshaw. His journey has taken him through 16 countries, floods, heatwaves, snow, war, mountains, and roughly 60,000km.
Arriving in London on the 9th July, Chen Guanming was directed to Soho's China town, where despite receiving offers accommodation, he still sleeps in his rickshaw. His one wish is to take part in the opening ceremony.
Please, please, Locog, Seb Coe, Boris Johnson, thumb your noses at the wretched sponsors for once and find him a slot at the games - cycling all the way here has to be an Olympic achievement, surely? It would be fantastic to see him cycling his rickshaw into the stadium on the opening night.
Chen Guanming's Cycle Trip

Update: the beeb has now added a video

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