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Friday, 6 July 2012

Torch Relay

I have to confess to having initially been less than enthusiastic about the Olympics. I rapidly grew weary of Seb Coe and his fellow Olympians endlessly holding press conferences about how marvellous it was all going to be. I was annoyed by the debacle over the selling of the tickets, and my empathy muscles have been cramping for all those Londoners whose lives are going to be made almost impossible by road closures and 'Olympic Lanes'. However, when the torch relay visited our local town, something clicked. It was such an emotional occasion that it took me quite by surprise. I'm so glad I went along to see it.
Watching the relay coverage, we've speculated about the security team in the grey uniforms running alongside the torch. We've mused about their obvious fitness, given the many miles they have to run each day, and we've admired their deftness of touch at maintaining security of the torch without detracting from the spectacle.
According to an article on the BBC website, they were recruited from the Metropolitan police and were put through a punishing training programme in order to prepare them for rigours of their assignment:
The BBC has also provided a picture gallery, showing the security team at work:
So, now we know. I have to admit to being rather envious. It must be quite special to be involved in something like that.

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