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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the Positive Side ...

Gosh, it's a gloomy news day! Britain is now officially in the longest double dip recession for more than fifty years, a landslide at a holiday beach has ended in tragedy, London's traffic system has ground to a halt, a criminal gang in Australia has been sending out millions of death threat texts demanding money, and it's still costing dairy farmers more money to produce milk than they are paid.
Looking desperately for the positive, the sun's still shining, the Olympics are due to start, and the materials for our new shed have finally arrived, filling the garden with the wonderful smell of freshly sawn timber - I may attempt to bottle the smell for later use.
Oh, and our visiting hedgehog is still frequenting the garden, although waiting for him is a frustrating experience: he seems to eat a little, then nods off in the shrubbery for a while, then re-emerges to eat a little more, before nodding off in the shrubbery again, then he snuffles around a bit more, then squeezes through to our neighbour's garden via the slightly rotten fence in the corner. He's very sweet though and it's great to know our tiny garden has provided him with a safe place.
So George Osborne, do your worst (as if you haven't already), whatever cuts and additional taxes you throw at us, I'll keep looking for the positive side.

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