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Thursday 5 July 2012

Inspiring Stories

In my daily search for inspiration I trawl the news websites, hunting down those human interest or, frankly, bizarre stories that can sometimes be found lurking amidst the more typical articles about bankers and public sector workers. Quite often I happen across a funny item which I end up sharing here, not because they especially inspire me but rather because I'm so glad to find a story that doesn't threaten to send my blood pressure through the roof. I've learned a fair bit about the business of journalism since I started doing this. Mostly what I've learned is that the wise one was right all those years ago when he pointed out to a teenage Kay, as she dreamed of a career on Fleet Street, that she lacked the elbows for the job.
Anyway, the story I'm following with some interest at the moment is the breakdown of the marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I apologise now if that sounds horribly crass. The breakdown of a marriage is of course tragic, especially when young children are involved, but this one is so fascinating because of Tom Cruise's devotion to the cult religion Scientology.
As journalists across the globe probe the lives of this couple, ever more curious and alarming information is appearing about this secretive organisation. Some of it is clearly sensationalised, but the tales of abuse and imprisonment for disobedience, as well as their reputation for the stifling control they exert over every aspect of their followers' lives, has definitely set my creative cogs spinning.
The question is, can any work of fiction possibly more be fascinating than the truth in this case? I'm not sure, but I'm certainly going to explore it in my journal over the coming days. This might well prompt that last story for the second QT Anthology.
I shall keep you informed of my progress - if there is any.

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