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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Story!

I've had the dubious pleasure of waiting in for several parcels recently. Our doorbell can only easily be heard in the front half of the house, which is awkward because I work in the back half. So I've had a few days of working in total silence, nervously dashing through to the front at the slightest sound from outside. It has, however, prompted a quick story for the website:
The Delivery
I'm currently working on a story inspired by religious cults. It's turning out to be quite long and, perhaps unsurprisingly, pretty dark. Hopefully it won't be too sinister for the second anthology, but I'll decide once it's finished. I'll keep you informed on its progress.
And the latest Billy Update: I'm into the final read-throughs of Billy and The North Oakian Alliance, and should hopefully have a release date very soon.

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