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Monday, 9 July 2012

Demolition Work

Work has begun. The first tentative steps have been taken. The dismantling of the worn out shed clinging to the side of the house has started. Of course, anyone listening to the work being undertaken might have been forgiven for thinking that some sort of vicious assault were taking place. I apologise now to anyone disturbed by the screaming. It was all the fault of the spiders.
I knew they were there, the gnarly cord-like webs gave them away, but they showed a skill for sneakiness that surpassed my worst nightmares, creeping up on me at the most unexpected of moments. He who fixes the computer made a great show of finding my discomfort amusing, but in truth he fared little better judging by the muttering and occasional rather frantic retreat.
Still, the bulk of the shed has gone. The spiders, woodlice and rotten old wood have found a new home at the recycling centre where they can scare a far greater number of people, and the groundwork for our new masterpiece can begin.
I just hope nobody tells the creepy crawlies.

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