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Friday 29 June 2012

Back to the Blog!

Updates to the blog have been lacking this week because we took an unplanned trip to Cumbria, where a certain rather special person is doing fieldwork, and wifi connections up there were sporadic at best. Nevertheless, it was a lovely trip, not least because we got to see our young geologist at work. We paid a visit to the excellent Honister Slate Mine. If you're interested in mining, or just want to see some geology up very close and personal, I highly recommend taking one of their tours. For those of you interested, here's a link to their website:
We were greeted home with a large punnet of strawberries from our friends' allotment - almost made it worth coming back! We've also seen our resident hedgehog several times, trundling around the garden investigating the bird food. Clearly he's found the locale to his liking and has moved in.
So to the writing: sales of the books are slow, clearly I'm not going to be retiring on the proceeds any time soon! Writing is a tough business. It doesn't help when 'prolific' authors turn out to have been plagiarising other writers work:
It's not a pleasant story and I'm rather naively hoping there will be some reasonable explanation for her selling other people's work as her own but sadly I doubt it.

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