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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Today's Update (because I can't think of a title!)

When I left the house this morning I was stunned to see a large, orange ball of fire in the sky. After a few seconds I remembered that this was the sun and emerged, rather shakily, from my shelter down the side of the house. The summer has been a rather reluctant performer here so far this year, so it's perhaps understandable that pale, waterlogged Brits have stepped out uncertainly today, shielding their eyes against the unfamiliar sun. Still, we're told it won't last. The deluge is set to continue tomorrow and Friday.
And now to work. I finished the first draft of my story for the next Café ThreeZero collection yesterday so today I plan to do some pruning of the story, as it's rather too long as it stands. I have a few ideas for further stories for 'The QT Anthology, Unseen Stories', plus I have further editing work to do on the second of the Boldre Wood Trilogy. I think the CTZ story will take priority, simply because it's closest to completion!

Good luck and best wishes to everyone currently battling the flood water. Fingers crossed that the next two days are drier than predicted.

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