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Sunday 17 June 2012

Good Samaritans

The wise one and his boss came to see us this weekend, the first time they've been able to get away from home for a while as they've been waiting for appointment dates to come through. It's always great to spend some time with them and there are always plenty of giggles and much putting right of the world. One such thing the wise one's boss very much wanted to put right was a return to the closing piece of funny/ heartwarming news at the end of the nightly bulletin, as the stories covered these days are always so gloomy and depressing.
With that in mind, here's a story from the Mail's website. A gentleman had withdrawn a sizeable sum of money from his savings, tripped as he left the bank and dropped the lot, watching helplessly as it blew away on the breeze. He was rather alarmed when some young lads swooped down and started picking it up, fearing he was about to lose the lot. What followed was not at all what he expected:
Hope that's restored your faith in humanity a little. There are good stories out there, they just don't get covered on TV news!

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