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Friday 8 June 2012

QT Anthologies

The second of the QT Anthologies is nearly ready. I don't know how, but I had miscounted the number of stories already in the collection. I added another story thinking that I would now be over the dreaded thirteen, only to find I only had twelve! Maths was never my strong point.
I found a story I had set aside for the collection some time ago but forgot about, so now I'm back to thirteen - it's like Groundhog Day! One more story and I'll be ready to prepare the collection for publication.
Hopefully it should be complete sometime this month - inspiration for that vital fourteenth story permitting!
Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish my story for the next Café ThreeZero collection. It's not going well. The idea is sound, but my execution of it has become rather rambling. I shall have to start again, whittling down the waffle! Sadly that is actually easier to say than do!
Further updates on the anthology to follow.

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