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Monday 11 June 2012

Oh no! I'm a Grown-up!

I'm in a really bad mood. I started out okay, fairly even, ticking along quite happily, but then I found the article on the Telegraph website about the fifty signs that you're a grown up. I read it, feeling fairly confident I'd emerge from it with the confirmation that I still have some way to go.
Damnations! Blast! *@/£$%*^&<*!!! I could tick pretty much all of them! How did this happen? Well, that's it! The laundry will be put away un-ironed, in fact, I won't even put it away! And why, oh why, did I spend all that time tidying the garden at the weekend? And what was I thinking when I organised my desk - it's so orderly I can find everything I want!
Still, I can't change a wheel. I understand the principle, but the only time I did it, the wheel nearly fell off when I drove down the road, earning me a very stern ticking off by the wise one. I resolved back then to keep away from jacks and wheel nuts for good.
Oh, and I've never held a dinner party - I can't think why anyone would. And I'm pretty sure the wise one's boss would never be so desperate as to require my advice! So that's three I can't tick. Hurrah! I'm still a partial youth!
Here's the link so you can see how you're doing. If you'll take my advice, you might want to fib a little!


  1. I don't believe any of this, have you seen the typo in #49? If they can't get that right then...
    What is Radio 2 - never heard of it, I didn't think there were any Radio numbers below 3.

  2. Radio? You have radio? Gosh, I can't be bothered with all that talkie nonsense! I just crank up the old gramophone, y'know!