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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Warning: Very Cute Dog Alert

I've been wittering on for some time now about wanting a dog. The wittering goes unheeded because the devastating logic of the matter is that having a dog wouldn't be terribly practical, but I still dream.
But then I see an article like the one on the Mail's site today and I start to think I might just have to stick two metaphorical fingers up at logic. The dog in the story somehow managed to get his head stuck in the plughole of a discarded sink. As if that weren't embarrassing enough, his owners took photos and now they're all over the internet - the poor chap may never live it down.
Thankfully he and the sink were separated at the vet's, but take a moment to imagine that journey: one fluffy puppy wearing a rather large sink - just getting him through the door must have been quite a manoeuvre.
There's a photo of him sitting on the floor of the surgery, minus his unusual neckware, looking rather bemused by it all. That's the photo that does it for me. So, what are the opening times at the animal shelter?

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