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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dangerous Sports

I've always thought that golf looked such a gentle, relaxing sort of game. The sun beating down on a beautifully manicured course, the etiquette and manners of the participants, the stroll from hole to hole. I'm having a rethink after reading the story of one golfer at a course in Illinois.
It would seem he encountered an unexpected additional hole: the ground opened up beneath his feet and swallowed him. Worse, his golfing buddies didn't even see it happen. They turned around to see, well, nothing. He was just gone. Thankfully they heard him moaning and eventually found him at the bottom of an 18ft deep sinkhole.
They managed to rescue him after twenty minutes, but he sustained a shoulder injury and has expressed a certain reluctance to return to that particular course.
Reading whilst sitting in a deckchair in the sun - maybe that's the sport for me.

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