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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Reason to be Thankful

A few months ago I wrote a very excited post about the latest version of Sim City, which was released on the 5th March. I was so excited I was even planning on purchasing a new laptop with the required processing power. However, after a few weeks of rather more rational thought I decided this was a ridiculous expense just so I could play one game. I'm very thankful for that.
What I hadn't seen in all the prelaunch build up was that Sim City 5 is designed to be played online, always. I hate that! I don't want to play online. Not only are there security issues (let's face it, games companies don't exactly have a great record there) but access to the internet is not always possible. Worse than that, EA were caught flat footed and apparently hadn't provided sufficient server capacity, so all those hardened gamers who bought the game found they couldn't get online to play it.
Worse still, I gather the online gaming is designed to be socially interactive with other players, meaning their play can influence the life of your own city. So you might have built a perfect little city, overcoming all the obstacles, everything's going well, then the nuclear reactor in a neighbouring city being played by a complete stranger blows up and takes your city with it. No thank you. I like to keep my gaming private.
Thank goodness for those few weeks of rational thought. Instead of buying an expensive laptop and a game I couldn't stand playing, we bought the Samsung Note. We already have more games on there than we can possibly play, and it's more than proven its worth as a work tool too.
Sometimes in life you look back and realise that what might have been the wrong decision turns out to be very much the right one. It happens rarely enough so I'm allowing myself a moment to gloat, oh and be thankful!

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