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Sunday 31 March 2013

April Fool?

I thought I'd stumbled across an early April Fool's joke this morning, but the story is appearing across the internet, so I'm forced to concede it may be genuine. It's the story of the female police officer who is suing the owner of a garage for failing to ensure her safety. The man had called the police to report a break-in, the WPC was sent out in response, but she tripped over a kerb on her way into the garage.
Anyway, I'm now trying to think of all the people I can sue, because I trip over all the time. I thought it was my own fault for not watching where I'm going, but I now see the error of my thinking. I could make a fortune! (As a cautionary note: should you hear people breaking into your property at any time, please make sure you put all the lights on, remove all trip hazards and affix suitable warning notices around your premises before you call the police. Apparently crime victims are there to protect the police.)
I'm still fervently hoping this will turn out to be a collective April Fool's joke - it can't be real, can it?

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