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Monday, 4 March 2013

Exploring the Galaxy

Not the large and rather dangerous spacey kind of galaxy - I refer, of course, to my continuing explorations of the Samsung Galaxy Note. I've already been using the Polaris Office suite for writing and story planning, but after a degree of practise I'm beginning to realise the potential of SNote. The tablet comes with a 'pen' which allows the user to handwrite or draw, much as you would with paper and pencil. The Note can then take your handwriting and convert it to text. It can even match basic shapes, so a roughly drawn circle, for example, can become a perfect orb. It's a little buggy, and sometimes strange things happen, but it's entirely possible that's due to user error!
I've now realised SNote can help me with my hobby of making greetings cards. Not the flowery, oh so pretty variety so beloved of the card making magazines - I'm just not that sort of girl. The cards I make are fairly specific to the recipient and normally involve a degree of research and sketching and thrashing out of ideas. I used to plan my cards by drawing, sketching and scribbling ideas on scraps of paper, which I would then lose, but now it can all be done in SNote. I can hunt down inspiration online, use the pen to 'lasso' an image, or part of an image, and import it as a screenshot into my document in SNote. Once there, I can annotate it with scribbled notes or strange little doodles over and around it. It's revolutionised the R&D phase of my card making. Another tick for the tablet.
Furthermore, we've been using it to create info books for our summer holiday, downloading maps and images from the internet, listing local attractions and important information on the areas we'll be visiting. I know, that may sound a little anoraky, but experience has taught us that information can be harder to find once on holiday. Besides, all this planning is fun!
If only I could learn foreign languages so easily! No doubt the Galaxy could do that too, if only I could figure out how!

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