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Monday 5 November 2012

QT Anthology Success

It's been an exiting weekend. The launch of the second of the QT Anthologies was a great success, with a healthy download rate that saw it ranking high on the first page of anthologies. So, a huge thank you to all the readers out there who downloaded the book.
And to 'andy', I haven't been able to wipe the five star smile off my face yet. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to leave feedback, not just for the five star review of Book Two but also for the four star review of Book One.
Book Three is still on the drawing board. It's taken a back seat lately while I've been completing other projects but I plan to get to work on it in earnest in the next few weeks. I've been working on a longer story, a thriller, that I hope to include in it but it's already topping the scales at 30,000 words. It may be that it's too long to warrant inclusion in a short story collection, but if I can balance it out with the other stories it might work. I'll post progress reports here every so often.
The other bit of excitement this weekend was a mini step forwards in the motorhome hunt. We travelled down to look at a van advertised on a dealer's website, anticipation turning to dismay when we saw the state of it. I should perhaps stick to diplomatically saying we won't be parting with our savings on that one! But whilst there we saw another van, much newer, a better layout, pristine and beautiful. It was too expensive, but we put in a tentative offer and await news. It's only a teeny step, but it's a step nonetheless.
So, a good weekend all round. Thank you again to all my readers. I hope you're enjoying the anthology. And to anyone who missed out, the collection is available from Amazon. Clicking the book on the right will take you to the relevant page. The free promotion may have ended, but it's still a bargain price!

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