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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fighting Back After Sandy

The reassuring clonks from the heating pipes, as well as the odd gurgle from the radiators (they need bleeding!) were welcome sounds this morning as our part of the UK woke up to a thick frost. Even with the heating on I can feel a slight chill in my fingertips, but I'm not going to complain when, with the weather turning ever colder, so many people in the States have lost their homes and so many more still have no power following the destruction caused by Hurricane/ Storm Sandy.
And yet, amidst the chaos and misery, emerge stories of the best of humanity.
There are tales across the internet of people who still have power, feeding out cables and inviting people to charge their phones. There are stories of bands of neighbours working together to clear fallen trees from nearby roads. Donations of money, food and clothing have poured in to the relief fund. Then there's the man who's become known as 'the coffee guy' because each morning he goes out and fires up his outside gas grill to make coffee for neighbours and emergency workers. Not to mention all the eateries in New York providing free food and the sports clubs offering people free exercise, shower and phone charge.
It's amazing how often you can find the good stuff beneath a bad news story. Best wishes to all those caught up in the current difficulties. Wishing you all a speedy return to normal, and no more rotten weather.

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