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Thursday 1 November 2012

QT Anthology, Book Two

The second of the QT Anthologies is now ready. I'm launching it this weekend with a free promotion running for three days, starting Friday 2nd November, ending Sunday 4th November. I can't be specific about start times as they do vary, so please do check that it's on promotion before you download.
Here's the product description:

The second of the QT Anthologies comprises fourteen brand new stories of varying length and genre. Featuring the light-hearted experiences of a night school cleaner, the fable of Jack Frost, a thriller set in the mountains, storms, villains, and heart-warming tales, there's something in this collection for everyone. To help you choose which story to read next each title is listed with its word count, ranging from 500 words to 10,500.

And here's the link to the Kindle page: The QT Anthology, Book Two, Unseen Stories
I'm pretty proud of this collection. There are some short and silly ones, but there are also some much longer, more thoughtful stories. I had a lot of fun writing them and I really hope you enjoy reading them.

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