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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Ian Rankin on Imagine

I just watched the BBC programme 'Imagine' featuring Ian Rankin and his writing process. I found it fascinating and was stunned by so much of what he said about writing: the panics, the research, the ideas, the gnawing fear. In my case, I have all of those, but then I'm not there yet as an established writer. He's a bestselling author and he still doubts himself.
It was enlightening to watch his process, beginning in January with a trawl through his folder of ideas, to thumping out the first draft on his laptop - how does he type so fast using only two fingers? I was interested to see that he took a road trip to reassure himself of the geography of his book and how being in those places inspired new lines of narrative.
The programme has left me feeling slightly more hopeful, though perhaps not altogether optimistic about my chances of coming up with the winning formula in my writing. He had a hard time initially getting people interested in Rebus, perseverance was the key. It's hard to persevere when you're not at all sure you have any talent to start with, but still, I do now have a five star review!
I also realised we even share an approach to dealing with the endless PPI Claimline calls - though of course I would never use such colourful language, honest Mum!
It was an inspirational programme and I would heartily recommend it to anyone interested in writing, or the work of Ian Rankin.

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