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Friday 9 November 2012

Purrfect Delivery (sorry!)

I believe I may have mentioned before on this blog how much I like receiving parcels, but I've decided that from now on I want them all to be delivered by Rudi Saldia. Before he who fixes the computer flies into a jealous rage, I should point out that while Mr Saldia is a handsome young man with a very cool moustache, what makes him so attractive as a delivery man is his ever present assistant. Mr Saldia is cycle courier from Philadelphia and his assistant is his cat, MJ, who accompanies him by riding on his shoulder. The Mail website has plenty of photos as well as a video of MJ and Rudi in action, from which it's clear to see that MJ and Rudi adore each other. MJ seems very contented perched on her owner's shoulder, and I don't imagine there is a cat anywhere else in the world that gets more fuss and attention.
I wonder if they could be persuaded to deliver to a small village in the UK ...


  1. I know, it makes me want a cat, though I think my day is probably rather less exciting than Rudi's. Any cat riding on my shoulder would probably fall off through boredom