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Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Tall Story

There is a man from Dundee who dresses in a giraffe costume, made by his mother, who goes out and carries out good deeds for total strangers. Sometimes he hands out bananas, sometimes he gives out coffee, he's helped clean a beach and cages at a cat and dog home, and he's given out vouchers to new mothers, all while dressed in his giraffe costume.
He busks to raise the money to fund his good deeds and hitchhikes to his chosen destinations, though only in convertables because, clearly, a giraffe just wouldn't fit in a conventional car.
According to the BBC's story of the 'Good Giraffe', he chose to be a giraffe because they're his favourite animal. He also admits that, like giraffes, his head is in the clouds but his heart is in the right place.
I'm normally a bit spooked by people in costume, but the Good Giraffe looks so funny and is obviously such a lovely guy, I could be persuaded to overcome my phobia.

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