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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Toffee Apples and Rockets

I trust everyone has made sure they have a fresh supply of ooohs and aaahs in! Bonfire Night just wouldn't be the same without them! The shops today have been frantically promoting their stocks of fireworks and sparklers, as well as all manner of tooth rotting delicacies, like toffee apples, popcorn, chocolates etc. Okay, okay, I succumbed to the popcorn - got to have popcorn (toffee coated, naturally!)
So, to everyone celebrating tonight, hope the weather holds for you, looks like it should, stay safe and have fun. Oh, and be sure to brush your teeth after all that sugar!


  1. No rain here :D Fireworks were good, but the rides were really expensive. Hoping that they might be cheaper tomorrow night! Was hoping that a certain someone would win me a teddy bear, but there weren't any good stands :(

  2. Yes! The weather forecasters were wrong - we all had dry bonfire nights! As long as you had plenty of oohs and aahs for the fireworks, who needs fairground rides anyway!