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Monday, 21 November 2011

Fishy Handbags

I'm probably not the best person to be offering an opinion on the story that I'm featuring today, as I'm one of the few women I know of who seems to have missed out on the handbag gene. I hate handbags. I hate carrying them. They always slide off my shoulder, or flop down into whatever I'm looking at, or get stuck in doors. Besides, they severely hinder my ability to run and climb fences - not that I often need to, but I like to know that I can if necessary!
This story is about the M&S handbags that smell of fish. Now let me see, I hate handbags, and I hate fish. This is not a combination that's going to have me running to the nearest M&S store! Anyway, a lady apparently purchased a silver handbag for her poor unsuspecting mother, only to find that she can't bear to use it because of the stench.
My advice, buy a coat with big pockets and, of course, don't ever, ever buy a silver handbag, whatever it smells of.

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