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Friday, 18 November 2011

News Round-Up

There are some curious stories in the news today, from Boris Johnson's pollution glue, to the horror of Berlusconi's decision to release an album of love songs, to the dog who has broken records by appearing in the stageshow 'Annie' for ten years - apparently he's paid in cheese and sausages.
One story on the BBC website that caught my eye was the chart explaining who owes what to whom. I was mystified by it at first, I hadn't realised that you had to click on the countries around the circle to get to the data - in my defence, I hadn't had my first coffee of the day at this point! Once I got my brain in gear, it actually turned out to be quite an interesting demonstration, albeit slightly terrifying!
I've no doubt there's some terribly sensible reason why we can't rebalance the debt, leaving just the net owing, I'm sure banks and financiers are involved somewhere, they have a way of twisting even the straightest of thinking, but when you see all those arrows to-ing and fro-ing you can't help but think it's all really rather silly.

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