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Monday 28 November 2011

Lost in my own Kitchen

I spent some time this morning rearranging and cleaning my kitchen. Now I can't find the bread and have a headache from walking into open cupboard doors.
It seemed like such a good idea when I started out this morning. Nothing seemed to be in the right place, electrical equipment mingled nervously with the pasta and rice, and the kitchen-waste bin lurked in the bottom of the larder, which struck me as unhygienic. I had a plan. I was going to shunt the crockery to that cupboard, the cereals would shift to there, all those electricals would decamp to one corner, the waste bin would be relegated to beneath the sink etc., etc.
The execution turned out rather differently. The bread maker was too tall for the spot I had chosen, as was the Kenwood mixer, we have far too many jars of home-made jam and bottled pears, and I still haven't found my favourite paring knife (I think I must have thrown it out with the peelings).
I have a sneaky suspicion that my time might have been better spent writing. At least then I'd be able to find my lunch.


  1. Hehehe, I have a lovely image of you walking around in circles whining cause you can't find your bread! I always find it better to leave things where you know they are, even if it seems illogical!

  2. Whining? I would admit to a certain amount of muttering, but whining? Huh! Anyway, I found the bread, and the fridge, and my headache has almost entirely gone now.