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Saturday 19 November 2011

Hot Hot Christmas

The Christmas Market is in full swing in our town now. We took a slow stroll around to kill time before an optician's appointment, but it felt all wrong. I was wearing a summer jacket, people around me were in shirt sleeves, the sun was shining. It's hard to feel Christmassy when it's so warm. It should be cold, nose red, fingers numb, threat of snow, cold.
I didn't find any Christmas presents there. I don't know anybody who has a particular yearning for a set of Russian dolls, pretty though they were, nor can I think of any use for the strange metal animals, beaded necklaces, novelty hats or felt bags on offer. I was, however, rather taken with the idea of bratwurst, curry sauce and accompanying gluhwein!
Perhaps I'll go back if it ever gets colder here and try to find my Christmas spirit!


  1. I think ours opened up yesterday, I'll be having a wonder round today, though I'm not sure the weather is any more wintery here!

  2. Just keep away from the gluhwein!