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Friday 4 November 2011

Salute to the HGV driver

Last night in the wee small hours our village was visited by three articulated lorries. I realise that articulated lorries are hardly a rare species, but when they arrive in our village, particularly in the middle of the night, they cause a degree of excitement. They only ever venture along our narrow roads by mistake, normally when they have been diverted off the motorway, or miss their turning for the industrial estate.
I have to admit, I curse the lorries on the motorway and mutter and grumble when I get stuck behind one on an A-road. But when I see a driver reversing a huge car transporter through the jumble of a car dealer's forecourt, or a lost driver turning their behemoth around in a small village in the dark of night, I feel nothing but admiration.
So, to all the HGV drivers out there, I'm sorry for being grumpy when I'm stuck behind you!


  1. At least they're not getting stuck under the bridge!!

  2. That certainly causes excitement! I remember seeing a double decker bus opened up like a sardine can by that bridge!