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Friday 10 February 2012

The Tory Hard-Line

I may have to rant now, I apologise, but I can feel it brewing. I just read about the latest brainwave from David Cameron's advisors - the elderly get lonely, so they should get a job, and if they still live in a family home they're contributing to the housing shortage so they should downsize.
I would laugh it's so ridiculous, but the man is actually serious, he honestly believes this will solve all our problems - it's all the fault of the elderly! What a top day to be a pensioner! I'm half surprised he hasn't suggested euthanasia for anyone above the age of 75 - oh Lord, I hope he doesn't see that, he'll no doubt think it a brilliant idea.
So, anyone who thinks they can retire and enjoy the home they've worked so hard for, forget it. Retirement now means getting a job - not sure how, seeing as there aren't enough for the working age Brits - and selling your home and moving to a tiny flat in a God-forsaken retirement village.
I don't think even Maggie Thatcher would have gone that far.

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