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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Paint, Carpets and Bad Backs

I've managed to drag myself back to the blog today, just briefly. To get here I've had to wade through rolls of carpet and underlay (old and new), tins of gloss paint and stacks of furniture. My fingernails, hair, arms and slippers are liberally splattered with paint, and we had a small panic last night when the TV remote control was AWOL. I found it, where I had put it for sake keeping and then forgotten. I can hardly bend from the waist down and my back has seized up from contorting myself around furniture in my bid to get the woodwork painted before the carpet fitter gets to work.
Still, the new carpet looks great, showing up the old one in all its disgustingly faded and grubby glory. The new underlay has added a certain spring to the step too. If you pass our house you may see two paint speckled people, moonwalking around their living room with silly grins on their faces. Please don't be alarmed. Give us a few weeks and we'll have grown used to it!

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