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Friday, 3 February 2012

Has it Snowed Yet?

As I crawled from my warm duvet this morning I imagined children across the country dashing to their windows, hoping the forecast snow might have arrived early. I remember as a child waking to that strange light fresh fallen snow brings and feeling the excitement of something magical and rare happening. With snow being a relatively rare visitor to these shores it was something I always longed for. Until it all turned to slush, or froze solid, and suddenly wasn't fun any more.
Back then there were no such thing as snow days (not that long ago, I promise!), you just pulled on a scarf and some wellie boots and went to school like normal. Now, there's always a chance that enough snow might fall to convince the headteachers and governors to close the school. Could it possibly get any better than that?!
While we wait, and some hope, for snow here, let's spare a thought for those on the continent who are enduring some extreme winter weather. There are some amazing pictures in the Telegraph's gallery:

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