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Wednesday 8 February 2012

A Case of Extreme Packaging

I was absent yesterday because I was waiting for our new desk to be delivered. I'd been told to expect it between 9 and 12, so was resigned to a long morning of waiting. I needn't have worried. Shortly after 9 I got a call to say it would be here within 15 minutes and, low and behold, there it was 10 minutes later.
Now, you might think such an early delivery would have left me free for the rest of the day. Sadly not. Unpacking was a marathon task that kept me busy for the next two hours! The whole thing arrived in an enormous cardboard box, upon which was printed dire warnings about the requirement of preserving the packaging in case of returns.
So, picture me, scalpel and scissors in hand, carefully breaking the seals on the tape and peeling the card away with infinite care. Then picture me trying to figure out how to get a solid oak desk out of said cardboard box. That occupied me for some time. Eventually, with a good deal of sweating and muttering, I managed to slide the box out from underneath.
Now, I know what you're thinking, hurrah, we're there! No. The desk itself was wrapped in polystyrene sheets, cling film and a foamy blanketty type thing. All of which had to be carefully snipped away, keeping it as whole as possible, just in case there was a problem. Only then could I push the desk back into its desired location.
Surely we're there now? No. The handles had been screwed on to the inside of the drawers in order to keep them safe during transit. So, now picture me, wrestling a very large, wobbly, cardboard box, filled with assorted packaging, through to the garage. Once I'd deposited my unwieldy new friend I grabbed a couple of screw drivers and set to work on the handles, all six of them, each with two screws.
Two hours of labour, but it was worth it. The extreme packaging ensured it arrived in perfect condition, and I now feel very professional, sitting at a proper desk doing my editing.
This could be the talisman! Billy of Boldre Wood could become the next big thing, all because of one extremely packaged desk!

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