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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Red Squirrels

Many years ago, when holidaying in Scotland, we were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of a red squirrel. It was beautiful in its summer coat with a gorgeous blonde tail, but it was also elusive. As I recall, despite the entire family creeping through the woods with what was, in all honesty, the stealth of a herd of startled wildebeest, we never managed much more than a couple of blurry photographs. And we were proud of ourselves to have got them.
Our efforts look rather paltry compared to the stunning pictures captured by photographer Alan Wennington. Mr Wennington clearly had more patience than us and over the course of several visits, managed to win the confidence of a family of red squirrels. So much so that one of them actually decided to take a closer look at his camera. Now had that happened to me, I would have been so excited I would have forgotten to take a picture. Thankfully Mr Wennington kept his emotions in check and captured the moment.
Of all the websites currently running the story The Daily Mail seems to have the most impressive collection of his pictures.

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