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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cheap Kindle

I hope you'll forgive this piece of very self-serving advertising, but as a Kindle publisher, I have something of a vested interest in persuading as many people to have the e-reader as possible. Amazon UK are now selling the basic, but still fantastic, Kindle for £69, £20 cheaper than before.
I have to say, I still love reading an old fashioned paper book, but the Kindle is great for compiling a huge library of books that you can carry with you and read anywhere. Before getting mine I had been worried that reading from a 'screen' would give me eye-strain, something I suffer with from my computer, but the e-ink technology is every bit as good as they claim, and because the screen isn't backlit it's just as easy on the eyes as conventional paper printing.
I assume the lower price is a reflection of the fact that they are now pushing the more complicated, all-singing and dancing versions, but seeing as you're buying it simply to read books I'm not sure all the expensive extras are really necessary.
And of course, if you get one you could also download books one and two of the Boldre Wood Trilogy!
Okay, shameless plug done. Normal service shall now resume!

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