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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Models in Weekly Parts

While watching television the other night, he who fixes the computer started muttering and doing some lengthy multiplication out loud. 'That's over £800!' he cried, at last, startling me so much I spilled my coffee.
The source of his outrage was an advertisement for a magazine, subscribers to which will receive parts of a model of the 'Sovereign of the Seas' in weekly issues. The first issue, to entice potential model makers, is offered at the bargain price of £1.99. Subsequent issues will cost £5.99 and there are, apparently, going to be over 135 of them.
The Telegraph has calculated the model will take two years and seven months to build, longer than it took to build the original, full scale and fully functioning version, and will cost £804.65.
Telegraph magazine article
Even with the interesting and informative articles in the magazine, that's a pretty eye-watering figure, and if experience is anything to go by, at least one issue will never turn up, meaning the end result will be missing a mast, or a chunk of hull, or the sails.

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