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Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Short Walk to Garda

We took a family holiday a few years ago, crossing the continent using the excellent EuroCamp. We travelled by car through France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. It was an amazing trip that took us as far as Venice, saw us getting sun burnt on the Grossglockner, trotti-biking in Switzerland and swimming in Lake Garda.
I was reminded of the trip by the story on the Daily Mail's website today of the Shropshire couple who decided to walk all the way to Lake Garda after their daughter gave them a pedometer. (Note to that certain special someone - don't get any ideas!) Here's the link if you'd like a look: Short Walk to Garda.
1424 miles in a car was tiring enough! But even so, when I saw the photos of the couple enjoying the sunshine in the Swiss Alps and striding along together looking blissfully happy and disgustingly healthy, I was ready to dig my walking boots out and grab my passport. As they rightly point out, they had none of the stresses of driving, and they got to enjoy seeing the seasons play out as they travelled.
Yup, I've definitely got twitchy feet now!

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