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Thursday, 1 December 2011

'Tis the Season to Get Writing

The Advent Calendar awaited us this morning. After a diplomatic discussion it was decided that I would open the odd numbered windows and my other half would open the evens. Of course, that didn't stop him dashing over, still clutching his bowl of Alpen, to peer over my shoulder as I wrestled the window open. Who said Christmas was just for children? Hidden behind number one was a bauble, perhaps not the most exciting Christmassy thing, but we don't want to peak too soon!
Staring longingly at the calendar yesterday prompted another story. It's called 'The Advent Calendar', and it's about an angel, Joseph, a naughty snowman and assorted others preparing for the festive season. If you fancy a look, here's the link:
Hope it makes you smile. Happy Advent!

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