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Friday 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

The trip to the supermarket for those last minute items this morning was interesting. We weren't exactly late getting there, but we knew we were in for it when we struggled to find a space in the most distant car park. The cheese aisle was a log jam of piled-high trolleys and angry looking men who couldn't find a wedge of Stilton for love nor money. The two women having an in depth discussion about the correct cheeses for fondue didn't help either. 
It was a relief to trudge out with our straining bags, until we tried to join the queue of traffic doing battle with the two inconveniently parked car transporters. We don't need speed humps around our way. The local car dealers are supremely efficient at grinding the traffic to a halt.
Anyway, that's all done now, time to mull the wine and break the seal on the tin of chocolates. Oh, and if Santa is still uncertain what to put under my tree this year, here's a little clue:
Merry Christmas everyone.

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