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Wednesday 7 December 2011

A Rain of Bears

I may be risking scorn and derision here, but I love teddy bears. I know, they aren't real, they can't hear what you say and they couldn't give their own stuffing whether you cuddle them or not, but there's something reassuring about a soft, cute teddy bear.
As part of an annual ice hockey tradition, the Calgary Hitmen invite their fans to bring along a teddy bear to donate to good causes. The teddy bears are thrown onto the ice after the first goal is scored, then swept up and taken away to local hospitals - presumably to the emergency room as I saw several undergo traumatic bounces on the way down, not to mention ice-induced injuries once they landed.
It looks great, but if I were to take part, I would have to elbow my way to the front and carefully drop my teddy over the side or, if I couldn't afford a ring side seat, at least provide him with a parachute. After all, teddy bears are people too!

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