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Friday 2 December 2011

2012, A Case of Misinterpretation

It was with some relief that I read that the world is not now expected to end next year. According to the German expert who has been studying the Mayan tablet believed to have pegged 2012 as the end, it was simply misinterpreted. Phew! Suppose we'd better pay the mortgage after all then. Although, with the deepening financial crisis, the volcano in Iceland (whose name I can't say, let alone spell) getting ready to go kablouey again, droughts in England, and the on-going Arab Spring, I'm beginning to wonder if the Mayan's didn't know a thing or two about predictions. Maybe they trained the toads who, it has been suggested, could be used to predict earthquakes.
The world might not be about to end, but it's certainly getting stranger!

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