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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Slumped Sponges and News Hacks

Tuesday evenings won't be the same now that Great British Bake Off has finished. Still, at least there'll be no more tears and breakdowns over slumped sponges and soggy pastry - I do get so emotional! We've watched every episode and, whilst every contestant won our hearts, I have to admit to rooting for the youngest, Ruby. 

That puts me at odds with the news hacks and tweeters and trolls, who really took against her. They were cynical about her tears, accused her of flirting with Paul Hollywood, and even the normally mild-mannered Raymond Blanc had a go at her for being too thin to enjoy food. He did apologise later, but seriously, RB, I'm surprised at you.

Throughout the series the contestants have been nothing but supportive of each other, helping each other out when disaster has struck, and forming collective sobbing huddles at elimination time. It's refreshing to see a gentle TV competition without any of the modern nastiness, mind-games and general backstabbing. Shame the commentators don't seem to get it.

Anyone for cake?

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