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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Planning the Planning

I have been attempting to formulate my plans for the third book in the Boldre Wood Trilogy. I've created several documents which now add to the general confusion of my Boldre Wood directory, I've scribbled copious notes in assorted notebooks, most of which I will never find again, and I've spent many hours puzzling and imagining. None of which has really moved me any further forward. It was obvious I needed a plan for tackling my plan.

Knowing the value of my Samsung tablet, I decided to investigate appropriate writing apps. Firstly, there aren't that many or, maybe I should say, there aren't that many good ones. My tablet came with the excellent S-Note, which allows me to handwrite, type, draw, and import pictures, pdfs and charts. It's hard to find anything that offers more. But what I needed was a way to move my ideas around which, whilst not impossible, is not straightforward with S-Note.

I eventually uncovered a rather nifty app that allows you to create index cards, in different colours if you choose, that you can move and swap about however you please. I think this might be the answer. I've begun by noting on separate cards scenes that must feature in the book. Once I have them all, or at least a good portion, I can begin ordering them. After that it's just the simple matter of rewriting the book to suit. (Cue slightly disturbing hysterical laughter.)

Screenshot taken from the app's page on the Google Play Store

The app is 'Cardboard Index Cards' by Lean Self, and is available on the Google Play Store. They also do a 'Novels' version, but I'm unclear how it differs.

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