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Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Week of Dinos and Apps

It's been a busy week, which is my way of excusing myself for not posting more frequently on the QT blog. Firstly, I have finished the Dino 101 course. I'm happy to report that the half point I dropped near the beginning of the course remains a solitary lonely figure, well, partial figure, and that I spent a good deal more time studying for all the subsequent tests. One of the many things the course taught me is that I don't know very much at all, so watch this space for details of the next course I'll be signing up for.

Having completed Dino 101 I turned my attentions to the third book of the Boldre Wood Trilogy. After my slight hitch with the Card Index app, I made good progress, taking extreme care of course not to inadvertently press any of the disaster buttons. The plan is more or less complete, but the story is complex and the ending may need minor adjustments, so I've begun to rewrite the story according to the new plan and I shall make final decisions about the ending when I'm closer to it. All in all, I'm pleased with its progress, though I could really do with sitting down for a fortnight, uninterrupted, no internet, no phone, no TV, no birds in the garden, no shiny things, just to get the whole thing written while the ideas are fresh in my head. I believe I've mentioned before on this blog how easily I can be distracted.

So the message for the coming week is Focus! By the way, did I mention I bought a new Terry Pratchett book ....

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